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Enum TaskQueueKind

public enum TaskQueueKind


[OriginalName("TASK_QUEUE_KIND_NORMAL")] Normal = 1

Tasks from a normal workflow task queue always include complete workflow history

The task queue specified by the user is always a normal task queue. There can be as many workers as desired for a single normal task queue. All those workers may pick up tasks from that queue.

[OriginalName("TASK_QUEUE_KIND_STICKY")] Sticky = 2

A sticky queue only includes new history since the last workflow task, and they are per-worker.

Sticky queues are created dynamically by each worker during their start up. They only exist for the lifetime of the worker process. Tasks in a sticky task queue are only available to the worker that created the sticky queue.

Sticky queues are only for workflow tasks. There are no sticky task queues for activities.

[OriginalName("TASK_QUEUE_KIND_UNSPECIFIED")] Unspecified = 0